Mobile Massage


Mobile Massage is available to those that are unable to make it in to the office for a massage or other service due to age or disability but would still like services.  If interested in mobile massage services please fill out the request form below. 

Mobile Massage Request Form

Typically mobile massage appointments are scheduled outside of regular business hours, but we will try to accommodate your schedule. 

Please note that Mobile  Massage Rates differ from the normal rates for variable reason such as travel, treatment, session time, etc. A price will be quoted to you. 

Are you or the client you are seeking services for are/or any of the following?*
Do you or the client you are seeking services for live in any of the following?*
Thank you! Your mobile massage request was sent successfully. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Massage Services for Children and Adults with Autism

I support Autism Awareness!

Massage Services for all special needs individuals

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Palliative Care for all in need

Care to comfort those with life-threating illness to improve quality of life.

Massage Services for the elderly 

Some elderly people may not have the proper transportation or unable to move freely to come and get a traditional massage on a traditional massage table. I provide services that allows them to receive massage within their comfort. Whether it is in a chair/recliner or bed.