Massage Parties


Massage Parties are a fun way to get you and the girls and/or guys together for a fun relaxing time. There are also many perks to hosting a massage party.

As of May 1st, 2018 a $25 non-refundable deposit must be made in order to book.  

Host Perks

  • Host receives a free 20 minute chair or table massage. *
  • If host has 4-5 paying guest, the host will receive a free 30 minute massage(Scheduled at a later date at business location*
  • If host has 6-10 paying guest, the host will receive a free 60 minute  massage (Scheduled at a later date at business location)*
  • For every guest that books a 1 hour Swedish massage at party ( scheduled at later date at business location) the party host receives a $5.00 Gift Certificate once party guest has received their service. 
  • For every guest that books a Massage Party  at party the host will receive a $10 Gift Certificate once the guest has hosted their Massage party.

How does a massage party work?

  • Host invites 4-10 guest 
  • Each guest will receive a 20 minute chair/table massage. (Table massage only if enough space is available) ( 6x10 space preferred)
  • 20 minute chair massages are $20/20 minute table massage are $25 (Private to semi-private areas preferred). 
  • At party each guest will be required to fill out a short intake form/informed consent.  
  • If guest would like to pay prior to the event that is also an option. 
  • Cash or credit are accepted payment. Gratuities are accepted but not required. 
  • *Please note that if party guest(s) no show and there is less than 4 people receiving massage service during party. Host perks will not be received.

Massage Party Request Form

Please fill out form to request Massage party. We will respond within 24 hours!

Please note that date may not be available. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule.
Type of Event*
# of Guest including the host*
If there will be more than 10 guest that will be receiving massage services please select 10. Details will be worked out with host and therapist once form is submitted.
For table massage a 6x10 space is preferred
Thank you! Your message was sent successfully. Serenity Massage & Bodywork by Angela will contact you within 24 hours!