Fertility Massage


Fertility Massage is a treatment plan that is utilized to possibly help women that are having trouble conceiving to conceive. It helps break down adhesions and scar tissue that may be a result to trauma or surgery. It may help to release toxins and tension from the pelvic muscles to help increase muscle health. Tight pelvic muscles can be compressing on the nerve supply to the uterus and other areas of the reproductive system making it difficult to conceive. Although this treatment has a good success rate it is not 100% guaranteed the conception will occur.  

Some ways to help:

  • Find ways to reduce daily stress levels and try to incorporate them into your daily/weekly living (Yoga, massage, meditation, music therapy, etc. )
  • Diet changes- Consult with a nutritionist (certain foods help boost fertility and cutting out certain food can also factor into infertility.)
  • Getting to a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight can be a factor for infertility
  • Being underweight can be a cause for infertility
  • Eliminate alcohol or cigarettes
  • Cut back on caffeine
  • Take pre-natal vitamins


Angela Jessie LMT is NOT a fertility specialist and is only trained in fertility massage. Please contact your doctor/specialist for fertility related issues or concerns. Please ensure with your doctor/specialist that fertility massage is ok to receive for your situation. 

Also fertility massage just as any other fertility treatment is not a guarantee that you will conceive. 

Please ensure that you are NOT on your menstrual cycle or ovulating.

If there is a possibility that you are pregnant tx will not be performed until confirmed you are not. 

If you are receiving IVF consult with your fertility specialist if massage is indicated. 

Fertility Massage

Relaxing massage with stretches and abdominal massage incorporated into session.

Fertility Massage may NOT be performed during menstrual cycle or during ovulation. May NOT be performed if client believes she is pregnant.

Initial Session

90 Minutes.

Includes intake(15 Mins. approx.)/45 Min. Massage/

Self-Fertility Massage Lesson


Fertility Massage- 60 Min


Fertility Massage- 30 Min.

Abdominal Massage/Stretches


Not a full body massage


Self-Fertility Massage Lesson

ONLY- 30 Min.

Therapist will teach you how to do

self fertility massage on yourself. Not a treatment performed by therapist. 


Fertility Massage Packs

Initial/plus 3 60-Min


$25 Savings


Initial/plus 3 30-Min


$15 Savings


60 Min- Sessions 4 pack

$15 Savings


30 Min- Sessions 4 pack

$10 Savings