Q: How much do you charge?

A: All rates can be found here. All rates are subject to change. 

Q: Do you do pregnancy massage?

A: YES! Pregnancy massage is performed in a side lying position if further along in the pregnancy. If tolerated early on in pregnancy, client may lay on stomach. 

Q: What is the fertility massage program?

A: The infertility massage program is for woman experiencing infertility issues that are going the more holistic route to possibly conceive. It mostly consist of abdominal massage and craniosacral techniques and is typically a series of massage sessions as well as some self massage instructions for home care for the client.  Packages Available.

Q: Do you offer membership packages?

A: Yes!!! 60 Min and 90 Min Monthly memberships


Q: Can minors get a massage?

A: Yes! However a parental consent form must be signed. 

Q: What are your Late/Cancelation appointment policies?

A: Policies can be found here. 

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